Valve Service

At Swiss locations in Effretikon and Ueberstorf FR, we dispose on state-of-the-art test facilities and extensive know-how in the field of valve service. Short start-up times and especially proximity to our customers are of great importance to us.

Our flexibility, ultra-precise working methods, sustainable approach and professional order processing convince our customers again and again. We offer fast service, long-standing experience as well as outstanding professional expertise in the field of measurement and control technology.

For our customers, defective valves and the associated control units are valuable resources. We check whether the servicing and functionality is worthwhile from an economic point of view, or whether it makes more sense to replace the products.

Our range of services

    Disassembly of valves
  • Cleaning and sandblasting
  • Damage assessment of valves for repair measures
  • Non-destructive material tests
  • Disposal of packaging, packing, asbestos, etc.
  • Rework of seat, cone and housing sealing surfaces as required
  • Leak testing of seats and cones
  • Housing pressure tests
  • Priming and varnishing of the entire fitting
  • Corrosion protection for steel hydraulic fittings
  • Functional tests of the fittings
Valve Service
Valve Service
Valve Service
Valve Service
Valve Service
Valve Service
Valve Service
Valve Service

Servicing of Safety Valves

Periodic testing of safety valves is a key obligation of every operator.

The valves are subjected to a pressure and leak test on our test stands before delivery. Safety valves are adjusted, tested and sealed in accordance with the SVTI regulations KIS TR 901. We are a SVTI-certified partner up to a pressure of 800 bar.

We exclusively use original spare parts during servicing and also record this in our test reports. When it comes to servicing safety valves, the highest standards of quality and care are essential.

Our range of services includes:

  • Complete disassembly of the safety valve
  • Cleaning and sandblasting
  • Seat grinding/cone lapping
  • Reassembly using original spare parts
  • Painting/varnishing of the safety valve
  • Adjustment and sealing in accordance with SVTI regulations
  • Creation of a test report
  • Functional test of the safety valve
Servicing of Safety Valves
Servicing of Safety Valves

Nova Check — safety valve testing during operation

We are able to test safety valves on site, in the installed state and during running operation. It is thus possible to avoid or reduce downtimes of your plants while saving resources.

Instead of removing safety valves for inspecting them, Nova Werke AG offers a more elegant solution.

The main benefits are:

  • No operational interruption necessary, resulting in increased plant availability
  • Disassembly of the safety valves is not necessary for testing
  • No media or energy losses because the systems do not need to be emptied
  • Periodic testing of safety valves extends the inspection intervals
  • Scheduled inspections of safety valves thanks to regular status analysis
  • Accident prevention due to properly functioning safety valves

We provide information on the following aspects:

  • Whether the safety valve or system is in a safe operating state
  • Whether the safety valve is functioning properly
  • Whether the safety valve opens at the desired response pressure
  • The condition of the spring

Some basic data:

  • Test method approved by SVTI
  • Testing of safety valves up to DN500
  • Battery-powered test instrument, therefore usable everywhere (including hazardous areas)
  • 6–8 safety valves can be tested per day
  • Max. 0.5mm opening, therefore low probability of later leakage
  • Can also be tested under depressurized conditions

The result: Cost savings and increased efficiency.

On-site service — mobile processing technology

After careful planning, our experienced and well-trained specialists carry out the maintenance work — quickly and on schedule.

Our range of services includes:

  • Service and repair on site
  • Removal and installation of fittings 
  • Optional collect and return service
  • Inspection of the steam trap 
  • Grinding of shut-off valves and wedge gate valves up to DN700
  • Mobile turning up to Ø 1200mm 
On-site service
On-site service
On-site service
On-site service
On-site service
On-site service
On-site service
On-site service
On-site service
On-site service
On-site service

Staff Leasing

We make our expert staff available to our customers. With the approval of Seco, we are able to lease employees to service companies throughout Switzerland. In addition, we have the suitability confirmation for quality assurance in accordance with the KTA 1401 standard, which is required for deliveries to nuclear power plants.

Our range of services includes:

  • Temporary assignment of fittings specialists
  • Qualified personnel thanks to daily handling of fittings and safety valves
  • Grinding/lapping of safety valves
  • Support for your in-house specialists
  • Reliable and professional personnel

Your benefits

  • Personnel support during the inspection 
  • Specialist know-how in the area of fittings
  • Certified personnel for inspection of safety valves
  • High degree of independence
  • High quality standards

Our staff has experience in the fields of thermal power plants, water and nuclear power plants, sewage treatment plants and various industries.

Contact us today — we will strive to find the best solution for you.

Staff Leasing

Consulting Service

We would be happy to advise you — whether for valve servicing or the purchase of new fittings. As a manufacturer-independent supplier, we can advise you from a neutral point of view. 

We can also help you by contributing our experience to your maintenance schedule.

Contact us today — we will strive to find the best solution for you.

Consulting Service

Nova Compressors

Today, Nova compressors of all types are used in nuclear power plants, oil platforms, diesel ships, and hospitals. We manage all spare parts and seals for our compressors. We also offer inspections and on-site servicing for the following types:

  • SKA 200 11/155 stepped piston compressor, 1 cylinder with electric motor
  • SKA 400 11/93 stepped piston compressor, 2 cylinders with electric motor
  • SKA 600  stepped piston compressor, 3 cylinders with electric motor
  • SKA 1200 stepped piston compressor, 6 cylinders with electric motor

Your type isn't listed? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Service partner

In addition to the valves service, which we offer regardless of the manufacturer, we are also specialized service partner for the products of:


  • Danijel Gasic (Head of Product Line Valve Service / Sales)

    Danijel Gasic
    Head of Product Line Valve Service / Sales
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  • Kurt Liechti (Project Manager / Sales)

    Kurt Liechti
    Project Manager / Sales
    Tel: +41 52 354 16 70
    Fax: +41 52 354 16 91

  • Marco Schade (Chief Executive Officer)

    Marco Schade
    Chief Executive Officer
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