Research & Development

The foundation for new Nova Swiss products is created by the continuous expansion of our expertise.

In addition to complex calculations, our ongoing tasks include the assessment of suitable materials and manufacturing processes. For this reason, we conduct results-oriented material analysis in our state-of-the-art materials lab.

In order to satisfy the highest safety standards, we constantly ensure that all Nova Swiss products meet the latest requirements of the market and the associated legal provisions. We take all aspects of our work seriously — from new products and research & development through to analysis and testing of materials and coatings, continuous improvement and quality assurance.


Product Testing at Nova Swiss

To ensure that we always meet the highest quality standards, we perform additional calculations using our in-house swelling pressure system. Dynamic fatigue tests of pressurized components, such as fuel injection pipes and common rail systems, are carried out for pulsating pressures up to 4,000 bar. As a result, important knowledge about the functionality and expected service life of our components is obtained within a very short time frame.

In addition, our products are subjected to thorough virtual testing before entering production. It is always preferable to test geometrical boundary conditions, forces and pressures, kinematics and materials at the earliest possible stage via a concept product that includes the intended functionality. This results in fewer (or ideally no) workarounds and leads to shorter development times, which means lower costs. We test the design of our components and products using state-of-the-art CAD and FEM tools. Thus we can identify any problems in the initial phases and are able to rectify them directly and immediately.

Product Testing at Nova Swiss
Product Testing at Nova Swiss


The production of all our components is carried out either in our own factories or by specialist suppliers on modern, well-engineered machines and systems that are ideally suited to the respective task. This ensures smooth, on-time production of our high-quality products throughout the line.

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