Hydrogen high-pressure components

for the sustainable mobility of tomorrow

Hydrogen is the renewable energy carrier of the future. Nova Swiss recognized this trend early. For many years, we have been developing technologies for alternatives to fossil fuels for cars, trucks, construction machinery, rail transport and shipping. However, the requirements for the safe handling of H2 are immense.

Nova Swiss therefore gives top priority to safety and economy in the operation of hydrogen refuelling systems. As the main contact for hydrogen high-pressure components, we guarantee both through selected materials, highly developed surface coating and the highest manufacturing precision.

Hydrogen high-pressure components for the highest demands

We meet the high demands on hydrogen storage and transport with a broad portfolio of certified high-pressure components. Needle and solenoid valves from Nova Swiss are designed for pressures well above the 700 bar common at H2 filling stations. The same applies to our diaphragm compressors, heat exchangers and high-pressure lines. Designed for safe and economical operation, they permanently withstand enormous pressure differences and temperature fluctuations.

Nova Swiss can already cover almost all the requirements of hydrogen filling station manufacturers in the high-pressure range. In addition, we manufacture piping and valves around the tank inside the vehicle. In addition to individual parts, Nova Swiss also supplies components that are fully pre-assembled, tested and prepared for installation.


Safety is our top priority

Nova Swiss stands for safety in the handling of hydrogen applications and adheres to worldwide standards in development. In this way we are striving for hydrogen acceptance as a future fuel for cars, buses, trucks, forklifts or even trains and ships.

We guarantee the safety of our high-pressure components for H2 applications through complete compliance with international regulations and guidelines. Thanks to their certification according to EG79/2009 for impermeability during hydrogen filling and according to SAE J2601 for use in H2 refuelling systems, Nova Swiss products can be used immediately.

  • TPED
  • ISO 19880
  • ATEX
  • SIL
  • SAE J2601

Economy through precision

We regard long life cycles, low failure rates and maximum impermeability even when not in operation as decisive factors for the economic operation of hydrogen filling stations. They prevent expensive repairs and reduce leakages to a minimum. Special attention is paid to the selection of materials for complex components such as solenoid or needle valves.

Nova Swiss high-pressure systems are state of the art. We achieve the outstanding durability of our products through precise fine grinding, high-quality surface coating and the strictest quality controls. We ensure that all Nova Swiss high-pressure products meet the requirements of the market as well as all pertinent legal regulations.

All Nova Swiss high-pressure components comply with international guidelines.

  • European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EU
  • Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • ATEX 2014/34/EU

Development and consultation

For decades, we have been continuously developing our expertise in maximizing product life. Intensive material tests, high-pressure hydrogen tests, leakage tests and burst pressure tests are only a small part of what our materials laboratory can do. In addition, we offer interdisciplinary partnerships in the field of surface technology as well as in complex analysis and testing procedures for the quality control of coatings.

Nova Swiss stands for the continuous development of its competencies and results-oriented research in hydrogen high-pressure technology. In the search for suitable materials and manufacturing processes, we analyse a wide range of different materials. The requirements of high-pressure gas and liquid pressure generators often make it necessary to customize our products. At the same time, manufacturers of hydrogen refuelling systems rely on efficient and durable system solutions. Both areas require detailed product and application knowledge, which Nova Swiss is able to provide in an adequate exchange. In this way, we ensure that application details (pressure, environmental class, temperature), the process cycle, the expected service life and all other factors are fully understood, agreed and optimized.

Nova Swiss Produktkonfigurator

All components, all dimensions, all applications. With the Nova Swiss Product Configurator you can find the right components for your application in no time at all.

Select the pressure range for which the component is to be designed and find the Nova Swiss components certified for it directly, or search directly for a specific product number. The selected components can then be saved in a watch list and requested directly online.



Future-oriented hydrogen applications and systems

Nova Swiss is proud to be a partner of a growing industry in the field of hydrogen mobility. As a member of Hydrogen Europe and Hydrople Switzerland, we contribute to the development of technologies that make renewable fuels of the future safe, convenient and economical.

Nova Swiss supplies pioneering hydrogen components and systems for various sectors and industries.

  • Mobility and transport (individual transport, local and long-distance public transport, construction machinery, transport traffic)
  • Storage and filling (hydrogen filling stations, gas infrastructure)
  • Research and development (laboratories and universities)
  • Industry (automotive industry, hydrogen production)
Hochdrucksystem von Nova Swiss
Hochdrucksystemteile von Nova Swiss
Hochdrucksystemteile von Nova Swiss