At first, there is
just an idea

The future is often only a fleeting sketch. It then develops, takes on concrete forms, and becomes the present. By viewing the future not as a threat, but rather as an opportunity, we succeed in maintaining a forward-looking attitude and responding positively to new developments.

The First Element

Hydrogen was the first element that ever formed. It was the substance that kindled the fire in the stars. On the Earth, the oceans are the largest water resource with a surface area of around 1,338,000,000 km³. The sea was also the place where life first began. Water is life and life is progress.

The Evolution
of Technology

Like evolution, research and development is a continuous process of change. Adapting to current situations, pursuing new approaches and looking at other sectors — this is how a company can make itself future-proof. Products and services from Nova Swiss are highly developed and extremely reliable. Our most important strength, however, is our adaptability. Technologies come and go. However, Nova Swiss has always succeeded in leaving the obsolete behind and integrating new products into the company while maintaining our customary high quality standards.

The future
belongs to you

Our pioneering spirit makes Nova Swiss your ideal development partner. For what is and what will be. This is how a workshop business that produced cylinders and crankshafts was able to transform itself into a diversified company with a focus on cutting-edge technology. Join us on our journey into the future.

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