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3 Product Lines — 1 Brand Nova Swiss

NOVA WERKE AG is a Swiss technology company based in Effretikon with subsidiaries in France, Germany and Hong Kong. The company develops and manufactures under the Nova Swiss quality brand across three product lines and production areas: High-Pressure Technology, Engine Components and Surface Technology.

Our comprehensive services and innovative high-tech components and processes are designed for demanding applications and meet the strictest requirements for quality, reliability, standardization and safety.

Nova Swiss is the world-famous registered trademark of NOVA WERKE AG.

The Nova Swiss Company
The Nova Swiss Company
The Nova Swiss Company
The Nova Swiss Company
The Nova Swiss Company
The Nova Swiss Company
The Nova Swiss Company
The Nova Swiss Company
The Nova Swiss Company
The Nova Swiss Company


Nova Swiss is the world-renowned registered trademark of NOVA WERKE AG.

When NOVA WERKE AG was founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 1921, its employees ground cylinders and crankshafts in a small workshop. Despite these humble beginnings, the company's pistons and piston rings for combustion engines soon made NOVA WERKE AG a well-known name far beyond Switzerland's borders.

In March 1970, NOVA WERKE AG relocated to Effretikon in the canton of Zurich. Around the same time, the company diversified into new fields that focused on high technology. With a primary specialism in the "high-pressure technology" segment, it produced components, systems and plants for high-pressure applications up to 10,000 bar. The company also developed strongly in the areas of "engine components" and "surface technology". NOVA WERKE AG subsequently unified the services and processes related to these three product lines under the NOVA SWISS label, which was registered as a trademark.

In 1979, NOVA SWISS S.à.r.l. France was founded as a subsidiary in the Paris region. Today, it employs around 20 people, who develop and produce components and systems for high-pressure technology. The subsidiary NOVA WERKE Deutschland GmbH was also founded in 1979 and is also associated with high-pressure technology. Based in Dortmund, its small team is committed to distributing NOVA SWISS products throughout Germany. Our subsidiary Nova Werke China Co. Ltd. in Hong Kong has been operational since 1 January 2018 and handles the sales of engine components and high-pressure technology for the Chinese market.

NOVA WERKE AG and its subsidiaries develop and produce components, parts, systems, equipment and machines for specialist applications in innovative industries. Flexibility, short processing times, efficient management and planning, combined with dynamic team spirit and a highly qualified workforce are the distinguishing hallmarks of NOVA WERKE AG and its subsidiaries.

Continuous research and development, constant expansion of products and services, ongoing optimization of processes and materials and qualified customer support have all made NOVA WERKE AG what it is today — a global market leader among suppliers of technological products in a highly specialized industrial sector. At the Effretikon location, over 100 highly qualified specialists work for NOVA WERKE AG and its customers.

There is currently growing demand worldwide for products and services that require a high degree of complex specialist expertise and profound technical knowledge. The corporate success of NOVA WERKE AG is based on a combination of innovation in clearly defined niches with the outstanding reliability of its standardized products and components. In addition, the company's targeted focus on customer requirements and the specific needs of a clearly defined market continue to ensure its long-term success.

Since 2014, Nova Werke AG has been part of Kowema AG, which provides pension schemes in Switzerland, offering attractive investment opportunities in Swiss SMEs and thus opening up a previously overlooked investment segment. As a result, KOWEMA not only creates jobs, but also strengthens Switzerland as a business location while securing long-term pension provisions.

Mission Statement

Our focus is on our customers and their interests. We work hard to identify their expectations and requirements in as much detail as possible.

In addition to all customer requirements for the respective product, we also consider the legal and regulatory requirements that are necessary to ensure safe use — even if the customer has not specified these. We strive for a fair and open collaboration with business partners, work colleagues, and suppliers as well as institutions and authorities.

In addition to our modern machine park, the most important components of our success are the professional knowledge and skills of our employees. This is why NOVA WERKE AG exclusively employs specialists who continuously expand their professional expertise through further training and education.

We respect and abide by all legal regulations — in particular, those that affect our environment or the health and safety of our people. We create a working environment in which our staff feel comfortable and can therefore flourish. We secure our future through continuous development and an explicit willingness to recognize opportunities for improvement and implement them promptly.

We are also committed to continuously minimizing the environmental impacts of our business. Resource management, recycling and waste reduction are part of our everyday production processes.

The corporate policy of NOVA WERKE AG at a glance:

  • Our customers receive our fullest attention.
  • Our company communicates and cooperates in an open and partnership-based manner with business partners, suppliers, institutions and authorities.
  • We actively promote and encourage the training and further education of our employees. Not only is their knowledge and expertise of central importance to us, but also their well-being.
  • By continuously optimizing our processes, we endeavor to perfect both our company's performance and its utilization of resources.
  • Strict adherence to all legal requirements minimizes or eliminates any environmental impact from our production processes. 
  • Our corporate, organizational and communication structures are constantly evolving — this is how we are able to secure our company's future.