High-pressure Systems and Equipment

High-pressure Standard Systems

with comprehensive services.

Nova Werke AG develops and produces high-pressure systems that are precisely tailored to the customer's specifications. These are accompanied by comprehensive services such as support for on-site installations, commissioning, user training and servicing.

With a maintenance contract, you can protect your investment, extend the service life of your equipment, and enjoy peace of mind, since all safety-related requirements will be met at all times.

Diaphragm Compressors

Nova Swiss diaphragm compressors are particularly suitable for the compression of ultra-pure gases.

The compression space is separated from the crank mechanism by double diaphragms, thereby preventing the gas from becoming contaminated by oil. The parts in contact with the medium are made from corrosion-resistant steel. The compressor is characterized by extreme reliability, ease of use and low maintenance requirements. The compressor features overpressure protection on the oil side. Special versions for hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) are also available. The compressor is equipped with a diaphragm breakage detector.

Diaphragm Compressors

Gas Injection Units

General Description

Gas injection units are used to inject gases into foaming plastics. Advanced Nova Swiss technology allows high-precision gas mixing under controlled pressure. The servo motor ensures state-of-the-art pressure regulation that is optimal for the respective application.

This results in maximum precision for the injection process and ensures exact gas metering at the required pressure.

Benefits of the Nova Swiss gas injection unit

  • High flow rates
  • Maximum pressure precision
  • Low maintenance costs
  • No daily re-adjustment required
  • Faster start-up after interruptions. Thereby less waste during the start-up process.
  • No compressed air supply required.
  • Contamination-free gases thanks to diaphragm technology.

The Nova Swiss gas injection unit does not require compressed air, as it is the case with pneumatic amplifiers.

The integrated lubrication unit allows the system to be operated at very low speed, which in turn enables the dimensioning of extremely small quantities




Foaming of plastics, e.g. for the insulation of coaxial cables with nitrogen (N2) or carbon dioxide (CO2).

Gas Injection Units


Hand Pump Systems

The Nova Swiss hand pump with spindle drive is particularly well-suited to use as a pressure generator for smaller high-pressure systems. It is ideal for all applications in which common high-pressure media are used, including those with low viscosity. This pump can be used anywhere and is not dependent on a compressed air or power supply. The finely threaded spindle allows precise adjustment to the desired pressure. Operation is facilitated by three long crank arms. The stem does not rotate, thus significantly extending the longevity of the packing.

Hand Pump Systems

Pressure Generators

The standardized pressure supply unit (dosing system) from Nova Werke AG allows pressures to be set with extreme precision. Nova Swiss pressure supply units are modular and available in three stages: 3,000 bar for gases and 7,000 to 14,000 bar for liquids — custom adaptations are also possible on request.

  • Adjustable pressure
  • Output up to 3,000, 7,000 and 14,000 bar
  • Ultra-pure gas compression: N2, He and Ar for industrial applications and test stands
  • Liquid compression, e.g. for bursting pressure tests and autofrettage
Pressure Generators

Air-Operated High-Pressure Pump

The Nova Swiss air-operated high-pressure pump is suitable for pressures of 4,000 or 7,000 bar as well as liquids.


  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • No air is needed to maintain the pressure
  • Automatic leak compensation on the high-pressure side
  • Smaller sizes, cost-effective for extreme high-pressure applications

Application areas

  • Isostatic presses (food processing, powder compaction, etc.)
  • All liquid high-pressure applications up to 7,000 bar


  • Medium: liquids
  • Medium temperature: from +5°C to +40°C
  • Material in contact with medium: stainless steel
  • Screw fittings: 4E
  • Air pressure supply: from 1.6 to 6.5 bar
  • Fluid pressure control via a regulator on the air-operated actuator
  • Automatic stop at set pressure
Air-Operated High-Pressure Pump

High-pressure Heat Exchangers

The heat exchangers in our high-pressure series are especially designed for extremely high-pressure ratings of up to 20,000 PSI/1,380 bar and are manufactured in accordance with customer-specific requirements and wishes. The production of high-pressure heat exchangers is ASME or PED compliant. Compliance with special approvals and directives can be arranged on request. The heat exchangers of the Nova Swiss high-pressure series thus offer our demanding customers the option to cool or heat fluids and gases (including hydrogen) without having to reduce the operating pressures.

High-Pressure Heat Exchangers

Solenoid Valves

The Nova Swiss coaxial valve is a solenoid valve that is ideally suited for applications in complex systems and harsh environments.

  • It consists entirely of stainless material and is suitable for use under the most challenging conditions (including salt spray).
  • Its special design guarantees extreme leak-tightness.
  • Its small footprint and low weight make it ideal for a wide range of applications.
Solenoid Valves for Switching Times

SP – Piloted Valves for H2-Applications

  • The ultra-compact and extremely light Nova Swiss solenoid valve is designed for hydrogen and inert gases applications for an operating pressure of up to 1000 bar.
  • Your applications can now be realised even more cost-efficiently thanks to its minimal dimensions.
  • The piloted 2-way on/off valve, manufactured from stainless steel, is monostable (normally open or normally closed).
  • It features a flow coefficient KV = 0.6 m³/h.
  • If the current drops at the solenoid coil, the normally closed valve closes reliably and tightly (safety function).
Pilotgesteuerte Magnetventile für Wasserstoff-Anwendungen

SD – Direct Valves for H2-Applications

  • The direct operated solenoid valve offers all the advantages of the pilot operated solenoid valve at operating pressures up to 1000 bar, but is even smaller and more compact. Here too, the focus is on cost efficiency and reliability.
  • The direct operated 2-way on/off valve is made of stainless steel and has a monostable design (normally open or normally closed). Its flow factor (KV) is 0.006 m³/h.
  • The direct operated normally closed solenoid valve also has a safety function. In case of a voltage drop, it closes automatically, reliably and tightly.
Pilotgesteuerte Magnetventile für Wasserstoff-Anwendungen