What makes you super isNova

Excellent companies need excellent development partners — for products that already exist and those that are yet to come. With our pioneering spirit and adaptability, Nova Swiss develops future-proof solutions for your products. The future is new — the future is nova. Join us on our journey into the future.

Complex like a coral

Components for marine diesel oil and gas engines

Nature is able to create highly complex tube systems. Coral reefs are home to an endless variety of shapes. Inspired by this natural role model, Nova Swiss Engine Components also produce complex-shaped components for marine diesel oil and gas engines in unsurpassed, long-lasting quality.

Engine Components

Powerful, just like nature

High-Pressure Technology

High pressure is also present in nature. For example, snapping shrimps use their claws to create a cavitation bubble with enormous pressure. They use this "water shock" to stun their prey. The high-pressure technology developed by Nova Swiss is every bit as effective as these natural tools.

Snapping Shrimp

As multifaceted as diatoms

Surface Technology

With their multi-layered structure, diatoms are the true godfathers of Nova Swiss Surface Technology. They consist largely of silicon, an important material in future technologies and a key component of technical ceramics. Our metallic and ceramic coatings reliably protect components against wear and corrosion.

Surface Technology

As small as Chlamydomonas

Innovative hydrogen technology

The hydrogen atom is the smallest known in natural science. Thus, green algae is also one of the smallest living organisms. But one that has hydrogen inside. It produces it under the appropriate conditions in a sustainable and regenerative bioreactor.

Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Research & Development

Like evolution, research and development is a continuous process of change. The ability to adapt to current situations and pursue new approaches is what makes a company future-proof. We create the foundation for new and optimized Nova Swiss products by continuously expanding our expertise. In addition to complex calculations, our ongoing tasks include the assessment of suitable materials and manufacturing processes.


We are happy to share the latest product flyer about our safety valves to protect your high-pressure circuits for fluids or gases from 50 bar (730 psi) up to 4'500 bar (65 kpsi).

Find the interview with our CEO Marco Schade in the latest H2 View.

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Nova Swiss hand pumps & systems are the perfect solution for your independent testing and calibration with liquids.

Nova Swiss Technology tours the world

The Energy Observer is sailing around the world since summer. The catamaran is powered by solar/wind energy and hydrogen. The goal of its six-year journey is to provide new information on renewable energy sources and also to demonstrate the potential of sustainable technology.